How to Choose the Right Type of Flooring

How to Choose the Right Type of Flooring

Consult a floor installation expert in Goshen or Maineville, OH

If you’re confused about which type of flooring to get for your home, contact SOS Security Solutions & Handyman Services. We offer tile, vinyl, hardwood and bamboo floor installation services in Goshen,  Loveland and Maineville, Ohio.
While you won’t go wrong with any of these flooring materials, there is one that’s best suited for your home. We recommend getting:


  • Tile floors if you want water-resistant, eco-friendly floors that will help you maintain good indoor air quality
  • Vinyl floors if you want floors that are durable and reduce noise (ideal for homeowners with children, pets or both)
  • Hardwood floors if you want classic, elegant flooring that will complement your interior



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Discover the benefits of bamboo flooring


One flooring material many homeowners don’t even think about is bamboo. If you’re curious about bamboo floors, you’ve come to the right website. Bamboo is a smart flooring choice because:


  • It’s easy to install and maintain
  • It’s widely available and cost-effective
  • It’s stylish, versatile and durable
  • It’s resistant to moisture, allergens and bugs
  • It’s typically compatible with subfloor heating systems



Depend on us to install your bamboo floors correctly.